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HK Skip Bin Hire Bin Types Explained

We Offer the Following Skip/Bin Types for Customers

General Rubbish Skips, Green Rubbish Skips, Reno/Builders Skips, Clean Fill Skips, Masonry Skips, Scrap Steel Skips, Mixed Rubbish Skips, And Straight Concrete/Brick Skips.

A quick tip: First of all, know what you would put in the bin as waste; hence you can confirm the right bin with us. Choosing the right bin saves time and money!

The Following items are prohibited in ANY skip

Chemicals, poisons, food-waste, wet paint, oils, liquid-wastes, asbestos, any explosive materials, and un-contained dusty particles/substances.

The following items CAN go into Mixed Rubbish or General Rubbish skips

Tires, LPG cylinders, mattresses, and e-waste can go on top of rubbish, but we charge a bit extra for it.

Rubbish Skips to choose and hire

At HK Skip Bin Hire, we provide a variety of skips/bins that suit waste type to throw away.

Some Skips May Not Available in Your Suburb; hence refer to your suburb page for more information on skip sizes delivered and availability.

General Rubbish Skips: These 6m3-skip bins are ideal for getting rid of wastes collected from the Spring Clean of your property or land. Please read carefully the items that can go and cannot go in General Rubbish Skips:

* Allowed Items: Furniture, toys, clothing, metal, plastics, white goods, electrical appliances, green waste, and carpets.

* Prohibited Items: Wet paint, concrete, bricks, asbestos, chemicals, soils, and earth.

Reno and Builders Skips: Please read carefully the items that can go and cannot go in this bin type!

* Allowed Items: Gyprock, timber, green waste, metal insulation, and other construction materials. N. B. we charge extra for concrete, tiles, soils, and bricks.

* Prohibited Items: Furniture, clothing, plastic toys, cooking utensils, white goods, and general bric-à-brac from property clean ups.

Green Rubbish Skips: This bin type is perfect if you have a lot of green items to waste; hence suitable after pruning trees and shrubs. Items that can go and cannot go in this bin type as follows:

* Allowed Items: Weed, leaves, grass, trees, shrubs, and bark.

* Prohibited Items: Chemicals, concrete, rocks, liquids, pavers, and soils.

Masonry Skips: These bins are ideal for customers who have renovated their gardens; hence concrete, pavers, and bricks to waste.

Clean Fill Rubbish Skips: For customers who have been digging around the home and remained with earth, soil, dirt, and sand; this is the BEST bin type. Please read the items that can go and cannot go in this skip range!

* Allowed Items: Small gravel, earth, soil, clay, and sand.

* Prohibited Items: Stones, green waste, liquids, rocks, and contaminants.

Scrap Metal Skips: The ideal bin type for those who want to get rid of items made with metals. Below are the allowed and prohibited items in this skip range:

* Allowed Items: White goods, steel fencing, engines, tools, steel fence panels, and pipes/tubes.

*Prohibited Items: All non-metal waste.